Breath is the most precious tool in our lives, through breath we can connect from deep within our intimate being to the external environment. We can live simply surviving on the short, erratic and shallow breaths characteristic of this day and age, affected by stress, posture, emotions, memories and experiences. Or we can choose to breathe consciously. When we give awareness to our breath, connect to the depth of our soul and break through the habitual patterns, we take charge of our entire being. In essence, if we let the external stressors take command of the breath, we allow ourselves to be hijacked and manipulated by the external environment. When we take charge of our breath, we take charge of ourselves, our emotions, and our own mind, this is true freedom. There are many pranayams in kundalini yoga that do just that, help us break out of our habitual breath and into a deeper connection with our soul through liberated breath.