Sacred Soul Tending

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Are you struggling with an issue in your life? Do you want to explore various perspectives on a decision you are trying to make? Would you like more clarity in some cloudy aspect of your life?

Answer this: What is standing in the way of you being ridiculously happy?

We all have parts of us that want to be free to create our life with clarity, but there are other parts that are vulnerable, that have been wounded and are hurting. Sometimes we even need to hide them from our awareness. When these parts feel threatened, our protector parts become active and they put up shields, walls, and find ways to keep the vulnerable parts safe and protected. Sometimes they establish boundaries and expect others to respect these protective measures. This is but one aspect of the structure of the mind and how our internal dynamics work.

The Art of Sacred Soul Tending reaches depths that other healing avenues I have explored don’t reach. Many people think coaching is related to business, life planning, strategizing for financial success or designing you best life. All of these potentially can unfold during sessions, but my work in SACRED SOUL TENDING is to delve deeper, and tend to these internal conflicts we have at the root level, that block us from our true purpose: presence, love and self-acknowledgement. Once we can establish these, the possibilities are endless for our growth and success. You have ALL THE ANSWERS within your Self. My only job is to accompany you on your journey to discover what your Soul wants you to know and by cultivating  your innate virtues of 



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