Transpersonal Psychology

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Welcome! You are a seeker, an adventurer, a curious mind thirsty for knowledge and hungry for practices that empower your life and make your journey on this planet interesting, fulfilled and exciting. As part of your journey perhaps you have dabbled in yoga, meditation, spiritual teachings, plant medicines and/or other forms of expanded states, but feel you haven’t gotten too far on your own. As an Integrative Therapist in Transpersonal States, I would like to be a guide to your process. I would like to work with you in preparing, navigating and integrating EXPANDED STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS for your personal growth and study of the nature of reality.

The more we explore the nature of reality, the more we become self-aware of what needs to be healed in us in order to move forward in our quest. We all have parts of us that want to be free, to be secure in our choices and decisions and to be clear in our vision… and then we also have other parts that are vulnerable, worried, angry, emotional or doubtful. The struggle between the many voices pulling us in various directions can feel overwhelming, frustrating and confusing. Perhaps even in your relationships or at work you may feel at odds or stuck and unsure how to move forward with professional or relational challenges.

Many of us have gone in search of solutions through various forms of expanded states and we have come back with more questions than answers regarding, what purpose do we serve, and what do we do with what we find during these journey that needs healing and transcendence. Often times we seek expanded states in order to heal these aspects of ourselves, to gain perspective, to find freedom from burdens, but without guidance and integration we often hit a wall in our healing process.

The work we will do together brings INTEGRATION and WHOLENESS by creating a conscious dialogue with those various aspects of your personality, sorting out the shadow and integrating the light and making good use of what emerges during your journeys. The work is to cultivate PRESENCE, LOVE, ACCEPTANCE AND SELF-ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. In session we create more coherence between all the internal voices to gain clarity in what you really feel, think and experience. In essence, you can have transparent access to your sacred self and listen to its needs, so you can make the moves you need to make.

Through our sessions, we will work through shadow aspects and go beyond limited beliefs to clear up what holds you back from your self. I hold vulnerability with great respect and aim to honor you where you are without judgement or pressure. I never impose but only offer guidance on to the tools and themes that are resonant to you based on your individual process. We may work in a variety of ways or we may work with a few but effective tools.

As we work through the challenges and the victories, what emerges is the possibility of growth, happiness and success. Your relationships will improve and as they do, you will have more space to create whatever your next step is: a successful business, a fruitful project, a traveling adventure or a lifestyle change aligned with your values. What you find through practicing expanded states of consciousness becomes more useful to your life than superficial exploration (which is fun too, but wouldn’t you want your experience to serve you beyond a recreational experience?). This is an invitation to heal your shadow and feel more connected to your sacred self and inner guides so you can create conscious actions that are authentic and self-led.

The TOOLS I use during our sessions:

  • Integrative Therapy (Internal Family Systems)
  • Breathwork techniques
  • Andean Energy Medicine
  • Sacred Plant Wisdom
  • Shamanic Journey
  • Native Indigenous Practices from South America
  • Native American Medicine
  • Traditional Hindu and Buddhist Practices and Philosophy
  • Therapeutic Massage as Somatic Release (in person sessions)
  • Self-massage, herbs, natural remedies and nutritional suggestions for self care
  • Body Awareness and Conscious Movement
  • Sound and Artistic Expression
  • Dreamwork
  • Developing a regular practice with tools that work for your goals

The THEMES we discuss:

  • Somatization of emotions and thoughts in the body
  • Family dynamics and ancestral lineage exploration
  • Relationships and struggles in communication
  • Blockages and places of fear, anxiety, and emotional distress
  • Relation to the environment, nature, subtle realms
  • Establishing healthy types of boundaries
  • Ritual and spirituality
  • Expanded states of consciousness

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